If you choose, you can hold a space for something bigger than you to evolve…

Today, not much unlike the other days I experience in my workplace, was experiential. Let me explain. When I become the observer, I can disconnect to the aimless chatter and the moments of disease that cause me to say, “I need to separate myself from this white noise.”  Can you relate to what I am saying?  Judgement is not my intention  here but a sense of responsibility to separate myself from that which does not resonate with me or can I say uplift me, this should be a natural response.  But is it?

Using visualization and meditation to calm our emotions gives us the ability to choose our moods and mind-set, regardless of our circumstances.  When we take a moment to connect with our own higher self and allow ourselves to move into a more comfortable space that says “I See you” ,  this gives us a  moment or three to regroup and know what appears real and what appears as something that belongs to someone else.  I think we often feel out of control with our emotions, simply because we don’t realize we have the ability to change them. When we become upset or unsettled by the comments or actions of another person, we simply need to step away from the source of irritation and focus our intentions on creating a peaceful mind-set. Using simple tools like visualization and meditation can help us connect more deeply with our inner self, which allows us to regain our calm regardless of our external circumstances. Choosing to be in charge of our feelings today will allow us to stay grounded and nonreactive in our social interactions for the tomorrows to come.  I set this Intention for myself for the week; “I am grateful for life and I continue to live through my Intentions”… There is a divine intelligence that guides all of us in the realization of our desires.  I know that I am connected to this and I rediscover the amazing depth to that of  who I am and I Just Plain Get it!!!   WhoooHooo!!!


You all have an amazing week and discover something simple or possibly complex about yourself.  Everything is a possibility. Have at it…Seriously…Something extremely special awaits you….Have at it… Don’t take my word for it.  Close your eyes and SEE it, then ask for it with your whole soul.  

Eternally Connected in Love and Light,