When we are courageous enough to innovate in our day to day lives, we discover that there are so many avenues open to us that we might otherwise have missed. It can seem sometimes that our options are quite limited, but this is because our closed perspective does not allow us to see the many choices before us. Opening our eyes to the possibilities can mean cultivating heretofore unknown levels of boldness within ourselves. But the reward we receive for our efforts will prove worth the struggle, as the limitations that once held us back no longer have any power to interfere with our progress. While every avenue we explore will not prove beneficial to us, many will help speed our progress along measurably. As I step away from my usual routines today, I did discover new worlds of opportunity. Today I created a space for healing by writing the story of my mother’s transition to next place, and healing it was. Not only was it powerful in this aspect but it gave me greater insight into my own movement through this grief process and some clarity I had been looking for. Playing with this blog has offered a chance to express my creativity and move into the direction of my own desires and dreams. When we share with others that which inspires us be more in this life, I believe we find true movement. Today was a day filled with healing movement, discovery and joy.  I thank you all for joining me in my spiritual high today!