Today I spent the entire day with an amazing group of women and the best part is they are all my friends.  We got together at 10:30 this morning to have a nurturing spa day together.  What a grand idea. We all brought something with us that spoke to how we spend time taking care of ourselves and shared it with the group of twelve.  There were lotions and potions and angel cards to indulge in.  There was hand waxing and body energizing magnets.  We opened by creating a divine feminine circle and held an intention for healing that would extend out much farther than the room that we were in.  We chose a Goddess card that asked us to share something or complete a thought and speak to what we brought with us to share.

It’s a very distinct energy that unveils its self when you gather in like mindedness with women who really enjoy the company of one another and speak with authenticity.

We gave foot massages with reflexology, painted our nails and toes and took a detoxifying foot soak, an amazing eye opening experience.  We had wonderfully prepared food with delicious conversations that stirred the soul and awakened our senses.  But most of all we laughed and shared our hearts, our love and our compassion for one another.  It was sunny and cold outside but warm and ever so bright in this gentle loving home.

We closed the day with a group hug and a prayer of gratitude for our time together and for the lighted way we had made with our co created intention for mother earth and all of her children.

And so it is….