I have learned that my ability to support others in their endeavors is heightened  when I devote at least some portion of my time to the maintenance of my own health and well-being. The better I feel, the more energy I can channel into charitable pursuits that make the world a better place.  I commit to beginning my day with a healthy shake at 5 a.m. and 30 minutes of Qigong and pilates movements.  The energy that this practice releases within me feels like a dance.  This has made a significant difference in my personal  well being, my flexibility and my stress level.  The key word for me is “practice.”  I have a spiritual practice that ensures my overall health and well being.  I am just better at everything and for everyone when I remain committed to myself.  I encourage this with all my clients before they begin to put action steps towards their “Target Goal.”   What will your spiritual, emotional and physical  practice be that’s right for you?

So be reminded that our ability to help others meet their goals grows exponentially when we make sure always to take the time to address our own needs. It can be difficult to extend ourselves for the people we care about if we are exhausted or feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of obligations still left on our own plates. To support friends, family, as well as colleagues, we must first learn to support ourselves by paying close attention to our physical and mental wellness. When we feel good and have cultivated inner peace within ourselves, through a committed “practice”, we are excited by the notion of dedicating our leftover time and energy to the endeavors undertaken by others. Ultimately, we are available to help because we have devoted at least some portion of our resources to self care. The efforts you undertake on behalf of others will be fueled by your commitment to your own well-being.  So find what “feels good” to you and move yourself with that.  I encourage you to find time each day in the stillness and reconnect with your source.  Doing this, will allow you to embrace the alignment that you seek, for you cannot find it “out there”,  as all the answers are within, just awaiting you to release them.