Knowing what is Best for you~

We possess all of the wisdom we need to make life-enriching choices in the various areas of our lives even when we feel quite unsure of ourselves. Yet in order to gain access to this individualized font of comprehension, we must be willing to trust that we instinctively know what is best for ourselves. Most people are taught to second guess themselves quite early on because they are constantly told that others know what is good, right and true. When we believe we are in need of outside guidance, however, the primary place we should turn is inward. While we may not be sure that we will encounter the knowledge that is needed, we may be surprised at how much insight can be found in the corridors of the soul. You will no doubt find the answers you seek today when you bow to your impulse to search within yourself first.  So fill your cup with what you trust most, your higher self, your inner awareness, the truth of who you are.   Remember the power of trusting what shows up for you each moment and remember life is happening through you, not to you.  This incredible universe that we are one with is always for us and holds the most delightful outcomes.  Please click the eBook tab on the front page of this blog and read my eBook  “Trusting Life…All Of It”.  Enjoy your week as you view it through “rose colored glasses” and see how your cup will runneth over.