I am engaged with the “act of dying” on a daily basis.  This has truly changed my life for evermore.  My service is to those who are existing in the ‘End of Life Process’, the last event of their living experience here on earth….I work in Hospice, with patients and their families, educating on the dying process with the intention of shifting their consciousness about the fears associated with this most natural event of this human experience, death.

I recently was asked to give a talk on death, dying and the afterlife at Unity of the Valley Spiritual Center.  My own personal experience with near death and the afterlife as well as my work with Hospice Advantage, has made this topic of discovery a most natural discussion for me.  Please listen to the audio version of this talk.  I would invite you to first settle in and embrace yourself with the meditation before listening to the message.  This is a grounding meditation preparing you for the ‘enlightening‘ prospect of engaging death, physical and metaphysical death, into your daily being as an advisor.  I can imagine that this is not something that you have intentionally involved yourself with ever.

However, here is a new perspective that will change your life, your living and your dying as you know it today. I implement this transformational strategy in my coaching practice as well.  Really, this is very powerful stuff. 

I invite your thoughts and comments regarding this fascinating topic as well as your feelings and questions as they relate to Hospice care and compassion.  Be well, Be inspired and Be open to all that is, everything and nothing.

The love, light and transformation in me, meets, greets and honors the love, light and the transformation in you.