2013-03-16 22.35.59As much joy and celebration that is meant to come from this holiday season; it can be painful for those who are grieving the loss of a loved one. I am a Spiritual Care Advisor and Grief Support Specialist for Hospice Advantage. I work with patients and their families, supporting them through the end of life process and the bereavement process of the months that will follow. I feel honored to serve in this way and find a genuine fulfilment in this, my life’s work.

However confident I may find myself to be inside of my skill set, I too have had to take a time out and breathe through my own grieving process. I have found writing and journaling very healing and encourage others as well to put their thoughts and words down on paper. When my mother was in her end of life journey last year, I wrote a book which I then published and shared with my family and friends. The journey through engaging myself in the memories, the tears and the joy of my account of my own childhood and my life beyond, was an amazing opportunity to heal and grow from within.

That book,  The Giving Space is available by clicking the Published button on the home page

I was asked to write an article on grief during the holidays for the Hospice Advantage website.  The experience of writing flowed with ease as I felt moved to share some of ways in which I encourage others to embrace grief so that they can met the pain and move past it. I shared ceremony as well as  personal and simple rituals that I myself used to get through my own journey with grief. The path was winding at times.

After the article, I participated in an interview on KFAI with Kinshasha Kambui called Grief and the Holidays.  Please click on the Interview button on the home page to listen.

Find your peace through a multitude of healing modalities.  Catch you breath and be gentle with yourself. Grief is not an event, it’s a journey, yours.  Be well my friends and know that you are never alone.

In love and light,