Knowing who you are as you walk your way through this human experience; means embracing all the parts of yourself, consciously and subconsciously.  You must know what is to also know what is not in order to create your oder. Will you consider a different; possibly a new perception as to the relationship between Ego and Higher Self? Could Ego be working with you for your Higher Good?   I say, “Yes.”

Listen to a new old thought and gift yourself a new serene way of beingness. If you will; time will show you a way , a way forward in which you had never thought possible. Embrace Ego as your soul’s mate and move through this amazing human experience and I promise you light, love and a garden of color for your eyes only.

I use this perception in my Transformational Coaching Practice and life; it’s events and all it’s movements prove to unfold in an effortless way. Change the way you look at things and the things you look at will change; every time….