Moving Our Body

BY Debbie Mechley

Human bodies love flow and respond in kind when used in this way.

Our bodies love movement. When we stretch or dance, our bodies adjust, realign and start to become fluid with the rhythm of life. Our mood lifts
and we feel more connected with the world around us. If you are feeling stuck, ready to release old energy, or eager to feel more alive, try moving your body. By giving your muscles a chance to do what they were created for, you may find that all areas of your body and your life benefit as

Many times we can be so busy that we forget moving our body is even an option. Some of us remain seated at our computer for hours every day or rush from task to task with robotic precision. When we are caught up in crossing items off our to-do lists, we tend to neglect all the opportunities there are to enjoy our bodies in the process of living. If this is true for
you, begin looking for opportunities to move.

I love my fitbit. I am writing my next book and as I sit at my computer,
sometimes for many hours on end, the Fitbit reminds me by the hour to
take it for a walk. I get up and move my body for ten minutes and I get
close to or I exceed 10,000 steps daily, while writing.

You might try dancing or moving about freely as you clean your home, tend your garden or care for your children. If you are able to devote a set amount of time to self-care, practices such as yoga, dance, tai chi and walking are all great ways to keep your body in motion. 

Imagine how freeing it would feel to trust your body’s movements
completely, knowing it has a perfect strength and rhythm of its own. See
if you can sense your bones providing graceful support, your muscles and tendons expanding and contracting in just the right measure, your lungs changing pace to fill deeply with fresh air. Movement is a vital
celebration of life. It is a way to proclaim your own existence and relish
in the joy of being alive. Today, and into the future, give yourself the gift of your body in motion.

Grab your scarves and dance around your home, feeling the flow of the
colors in the fabric. Enjoy your body movement. It is the only way that it counts.