Yesterday my oldest son Justin and his beautiful wife Brook set out on an adventure, a milestone in this lifetime for them and their four children.  Making life just a bit simpler was part of the plan as they loaded up all the necessary belongings they could into their big conversion van.  This story would take them to Tucson where two of my young grandsons, Justin’s boys live with their mother. It had been on their minds for quite some time to go there to be close to the boys and to offer them an opportunity to be with their siblings.  From our conversations, it was also an opportunity for both Brook and Justin to move in the direction of their own personal paths of growth and inspiration.

I had two months to prepare for this life adjustment and moved through a plethora of emotions both joyful and melancholy, but never sadness as I could sense their excitement traveling through my own body and knew that all was happening exactly as it should.  In fact, one month before their departure, it was decided that they would come and stay in my home with me and Tony.  Our home of two became eight and the truth is, it was a delight.  Each day that I came home from work, I was greeted by my enthusiastic family.  My three granddaughters would welcome me with their smiles and cheers that I was finally home for them.  This time that we had together was precious and irreplaceable as it wrapped its tiny little arms around me in preparation for the day that they would drive off to the west.

As a parent, I have found that there comes a very acute time when you must and will become the “observer” of your children so as to gently detach yourself from the emotion of the lessons and the movement that they choose to make in their own existence.  The day I discovered the Art of Detachment in my own mothering of three boys, was a day of true freedom and joy.  To be able to watch what was developing, embrace it without worry, and give way to new beginnings is a gift from within.

I am so proud of them as I watch them pack up their babes, strap them in the van, amongst what now will become a simpler life with” much less stuff” and drive to their new destination but not before we share many hugs, a few tears, some words of wisdom and an internal knowing that all is exactly as it should be, one creation after another.

So too as the dragonfly has a meaning at a very soulful level for my family and I, we continue to be mindfully aware that we too are transforming moment by moment and open to the gifts of awareness that this brings into our circle of love.

And so it is….