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What you’ve learned, where you are right now and what you’re evolving towards, one transformation at a time…

In order to become the person you’re meant to be, living the amazing life you’re meant to live, sometimes you have to go through hard times. Sometimes you have to be broken down so that you can learn, grow, release and re-calibrate your direction. When times are tough, remind yourself that what is happening to you is happening for a reason.  That is not just an old cliché.  Our greatest periods of growth it seems, come from some of our most challenging and painful experiences.

When we come out on the other side of the experience,  we are able to look at the next events in our lives with new perceptions and ask more introspective questions that will move us in perhaps a different direction, had we not had the previous life experience.

The life events of 2014 have been joyful, challenging, fulfilling, inspiring and painful as well.  One thing I have learned through the many past years, from a very soulful place within myself, is that nothing in this world of experiences is happening to me, nothing.  I believe and I know at the core of who I am, that everything I experience is happening through me and I get to choose what that looks and feels like. I am the director of my own story and therefore, I get to create it. All of it.  Even the stuff that I stumbled over.

So as I create my ‘new relationship’ with 2015, it excites me to know that whatever shows up in my space of life, will unfold in beautiful ways as I allow it to move through me over and over again.

I am inviting you to adjust your thinking about the New Year as this vast span of time, 365 days of space,  in which you will fill up with events, conversations and challenges and really see it as a relationship that you bring value to as you would a close friend. See yourself supporting each other in that space of time that you are filling up together and take notice, does this year brings you shifts in your life that show up naturally and effortlessly as you manifest with ease?

Be well, Be excited, Be grateful to Be yourself.  Do that which moves you toward your truth; you will feel it and you will know what that is.  Go now and Have it all for its already there waiting for you to show up and shape shift yourself. Wow…this is exciting stuff!