Today I met with my Transformation Coach for an intense three hour session of conscientiousness building. What the heck is that you ask? Well, it’s what we are all trying to achieve, know it or not.  Asking ourselves the authentic questions and then truly listening at much deeper level.  Do you like what you hear? Can you find a place of appreciation for what you know and what you find to be true?  Can you BE with yourself in the empty moments and like what you hear? I must say, Yes….and so I continue to stretch myself just little bit farther simply to find out that there is always more to be experienced, more to embrace and more to be grateful for.

My goals were in the forefront of my mind today, and I found myself inspired to dive into personal and professional projects with great zeal. A renewed determination seemed to carry me as I allowed myself to open up and release more than I had expected. I love when these awe ha moments occur, offering me time to reaffirm my belief and commitment to hard work and the responsibility to hold true to my focus of the dream and vision I hold for myself and for others. If you find your resolution flagging you today, simply remind yourself of who you really are and create your true expression and just run with it.  I thank you Dwight, for your truth and the passion that you bring to “going within.”  You set the bar considerably higher for me today and for this I say, “Yes, Yes, Yes.”

The more diligently we apply ourselves to those tasks related to our long-term goals, the more likely it is that we will be able to prevail over adversity in order to achieve those dreams we have nurtured in our souls. Many people inadvertently deprive themselves of the opportunity to achieve their dreams because they allow their unconscious fears to prevent them from fully immersing themselves in the activities necessary to be in success. We talked at a deep level today about the illusion and the lie that these fears present to us on a hourly basis, discouraging us from expressing ourselves in way that we long and desire to express as.  I encourage you all to reacquaint yourselves with your own “Soul Agreements” and be the observer of your deep personal conversations.

We can avoid falling into this fate by regularly reminding ourselves that even though the prospect of failure is ever present, we can diminish the chances it will play a part in our lives by devotedly applying ourselves to those desires that are related to the ambitions we hope to achieve. I see failure as an opportunity to succeed at a later time. Hear me when I say, Trust your Vision and continue to put yourself back on your track and just move forward. So put feet to your dreams and desires and SEE magic take hold of your dreams and desires….

The Vision Lady