Dearest Friend,

I am excited to be holding and facilitating this circle of women. This is my second year of teaching this empowerment program, both in circles and individually,  and it is evident that many of you are thirsty for this and have shown a deep interest in being part of a circle of women in which the sole purpose is to elevate the self and another.  I myself have moved through the experience of this enlightening program. I continued on to become a Luminary Leader with Venerable Women so that I could bring the Living LOVE Empowerment Program to you. Read on to discover the community you’ve been waiting for.


Living LOVE (Lives of Venerable Expression) is the lifechanging Venerable Women program that provides a space for personal selfempowerment, the deepening of spiritual understanding, and the elevation in our relationships with others. Welcome to Living LOVE 2020!

Living LOVE is a deep dive into the 12 V-Attitudes (Venerable Attitudes) which form three facets of wholeness: relationship with self, relationship with the Divine, and relationship with others.

The 12 V-Attitudes are the foundational teaching from Dawn Morningstar’s award-winning book “Venerable Women: Transform Ourselves, Transform the World.”  These gems support women to live as their highest and best selves, so that they lead happy and fulfilled lives as the women they came to Earth to be.

When the 12 V-Attitudes are practiced individually and shared in a group, they transform lives and become part of the fabric of everyday living. These guideposts bring many spiritual principles and teachings together for a simplified, effective self-awareness practice.

Testimonials from just a few Living LOVE participants.

“The Living Love Circle was a supportive and safe space to become more connected. Through that deep connection to self, a higher power and others, we experience transformation and we evolve. For me the greatest gift was both a greater love of myself and the friendships I made with amazing women souls who are making a powerful difference in this world.”

-Anna Forliti


“Debbie is a blessing in my life. Through Living Love, I have begun to find my authentic self.  She has guided and encouraged me to reach my personal goal to become a better version of myself.  I enjoy her guided meditations, her encouraging words and her beautiful vibrations. Thank you!”

-Ligaya Carlos


“I have found my time with the Venerable Women to be one of the most transformational times in my current life’s walk. My soul now yearns for it and I find myself looking towards the next time, every time. I always leave with crystal clear insights and deep inspiration. I often wonder what I’m going to do when it ends. I guess I am going to delve in for another year of the V-Attitudes.”
 –Jody Benson-Buell

” The Living Love Circle came into my life when I needed it the most!  I’m making many changes in my life and this program and these women have supported my forward movement. The Sisterhood that I have in this circle of women has help me beyond words. I plan to participate for this next upcoming year as I received so much growth and support through the practice of the V-Attitudes.”
-Katie Wornson-Knaak


“Thanks to Living LOVE, I have found the circle of like-minded women, a Sisterhood, for which I have been yearning. I look forward to sharing a safe, sacred circle with my “Sisters” every month and the support goes far beyond our monthly gathering!”

-Sonya Parks

How we gather:

  • Circle of like-minded women who become a sisterhood
  • High vibrational gathering, which is safe, nurturing, non-judgmental, and honors the voice of each woman
  • Encourages highest-and-best-self authenticity
  • Activation of individual inner wisdom rather than advice-giving
  • Course materials included

Reading the book Venerable Women: Transform Ourselves Transform the World is encouraged- Book available online or at the time of Program on site

When we gather:

  • Once a month for two hours
  • The first Thursday of each month beginning except February 13, 2020
  • (I am traveling the first Thursday of this month, the 6th)
  • 6:30 to 8:30 PM
  • Last gathering January 7, 2021

Where we gather:

Summit Office Suits
1500 McAndrews Road West
Burnsville, MN 55337


Facilitated by Debbie Mechley, Venerable Women Luminary Leader, Living LOVE
Circle Keeper
Master Certified Health and Spiritual Wellness Coach, Speaker, Author, Facilitator and
End of Life Doula

I will be holding this circle with ten women. Please contact me for additional questions and information by email.

Register now and save your space in a circle of Transformation. Follow the link to my website and click on Living LOVE Empowerment Program.

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