Living LOVE ( Lives Of Venerable Expression )
Begins January 3rd 2019 through December 2019
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Empowering women to make their dream lives their reality. No Regrets!

Trust Your Vision Coaching is a philosophy that is centered in the true possibility of Regret Free Living (my upcoming book). What is calling you to create movement in your life right now? Your personal expression is everything to you and to the world. My work focuses on permanent shifts in undesirable behaviors, patterns and old stories that are overdue to be released. I am a Master Certified Health & Inner Wellness Life Coach with a Holistic MBA. I use meditation, visualization, Reiki and TCM (transformational coaching methods) to obtain lasting results. Are there any other kind of results?

When we become clear as to what our dream is, only then can we face the obstacles that hold us back, preventing us from reaching our goals. When we acknowledge them and befriend them, everything shifts in our experience. Trust your vision, it’s your boldness coming to life.“Exceptional coaching holds a space for you to become the hero of your own life.”

Regret Free Living Workshop Series

Unity of the Valley Spiritual Center
4011 Hwy 13, Savage MN 55373

Presentation/Talks at 10am
Workshops at 11:30
Fee $20
See dates and topics below:

JANUARY 19 2020
10 AM Presentation/Talk:
Our Most Divine Relationship
-is the one we have with ourselves-

11:30 AM Workshop:
Who Am I?  And what do I need right now?

When our individual needs are fulfilled, we feel happy-and the quality of what we give away to others- in whatever form that may be, is heightened and accentuated. Discover the Three Facets of your beingness and what delivers you to your sense wholeness, while learning to embrace and come into your own personal ‘empowerment’.

What would a fully empowered you look and feel like? What is your level of commitment to live boldly and play full out in this life?  Do you really know what’s important to you; what you hold as sacred, and are you on the cusp of your empowerment showing its beautiful face to the world?

As always, in my workshops- you will find yourself in moments of insight and Ahas, through experiential exercises and spiritual movement. There will be a meditation to contemplate, release and prepare a space for the ‘lifting of your veils.’ This is your connection to your higher self and higher states of being who you are being in this life. You will have opportunities to share and express throughout this circle. When we express from the highest version of ourselves, we feel our wholeness and find our courage, confidence and authenticity in new ways.  There is no room any longer for shame or blame. Let’s celebrate that!

Attendees of this workshop will receive a Complimentary Discovery Sessionto be scheduled with Debbie Mechley. This is a clarity conversation on a whole new level!

FEBRUARY 16 2020
10 AM Presentation/Talk:
Compassion Opens the Door to Graceful Forgiveness

11:30 AM Workshop:
What comes first?

What needs to be nourished within you?  When we embrace ourselves in Compassion, we step into what Grace feels like and then create the ultimate space for self-love and here, Forgiveness has already taken place.  We find that we cannot have one without the other; compassion, grace and forgiveness. Life opens us up to a whole new level of self-love, elegance and generosity of spirt. What would life look like then, for yourself and those around you?

We will call forth this new beginning through a heart centered meditation and visualization, along with an experiential exercise to become clear on what you are being called to be, do and have in this world. You will always walk away with some new tools for your ‘spiritual toolbox’ that will enhance your living and move you forward toward the next best step that is yours to take. I guarantee insights, Ahas and a breakthrough or two. You will receive a Complimentary Discovery Session to be scheduled with Debbie Mechley to do a deeper one on one dive into what needs to be nourished and released in order to create your way forward.

“We are always in forward motion, like the Mainstay on a ship, in this case, your ship!”

MARCH 8 2020
10AM Presentation/Talk:
Feelings are the Language of the Soul

11:30 AM Workshop:
Feelings are the language of the Soul

We will evaluate the clout that Hope plays in your living. Is it a hinderance or an inspiration? What is coming up for you in your physical dreams and are the dreamy visions that you hold for yourself, coming into your reality? We will discuss your Desires, not to be confused with your wants, offering a new sense of empowerment!

This is a powerful workshop offering you a transformational exercise with magnetizing techniques you most likely have not had an opportunity to experience before. You will find it right herein the energetic space of this workshop‘Feelings are the language of the soul.’You will learn how to visualize, magnetize and createyourself as a magnet for that which you desire, and then to align yourself with that desire. Even more impressive, you will learn how to do this in a matter of minutes, even seconds. Again, we are getting back to spiritualbasic and the energy of creating all things.

Attendees of this workshop will receive a Complimentary Discovery Session to be scheduled with Debbie Mechley. Getting clear on what you really desire and acknowledging the obstacles in a new way, is the only way forward.

Vision Board PlayShop Day Retreat
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Lifting the Veil to bring your wisdom to life 

What is calling to be nourished, healed and expressed from you? You ache to bring your wisdom to life and you can see the possibility through the veil. The veil is thinnest here and you feel so close and yet at times you may feel your dream is in the far distance.

Lifting the veil to bring your wisdom to life is a Day Retreat that offers you clarity about your vision and an opportunity to truly trust the light within you. This experience offers insights, and breakthroughs in a circle of women who are like minded and intentional about lifting the veil to let their wisdom shine into the world.

This retreat offers meditation, clarity, journaling, visualization, laser coaching with Transformational Coaching Methods (TCM) and more. You will acknowledge what is holding you back and preventing you from lifting your veil, in a new and exciting way.

Finding Your Power in the Pause

Have you taken that ‘Pause’ in your life, you know the one where you look around at what you’ve accomplished? It’s that time when you take a moment to catch your breath and to contemplate the next move?  We have all done this inside and out of our successes.

Finding the Power in the Pause can be an extraordinary tool when we understand it’s meaning and purpose for us. However, I invite you to think about a time or two in your life when you stepped into the Pause for rejuvenation and to pat yourself on the back only to find yourself ‘stuck on Pause’. This course will open you up to a new relationship with the Pause and allow you to find the power that it holds for you without becoming to relaxed there. This course offers Transformational Coaching Methods (TCM) to get you strongly connected to your Intuition (aka gut wisdom) so that your creativity doesn’t get stuck on the Pause.

Women Extraordinaire -This is you 

Every woman can live an extraordinary life.  Knowing that there is more to who you are is simply a doorway that is opening for you. Every woman has the ach, that yearning to do ‘that one thing.’ What resonates with you, gives you goosebumps and puts a smile on your face when you think about doing it?

There is more to who you are, and you know it. Have you received the calling to live your ‘dream life.’? Your soul vision will continue to show it’s face until you answer it’s call. Be mindful to not misunderstand or even misplace your vision. Trust your vision and will serve you well.

This Day Retreat will connect you to the song of your soulful calling and create the movement for the next best steps to achieving that dream. Join a soulful group of like minded women who hold a space of support for one another as Women Extraordinaire.

Listen to the podcast:  Women Extraordinaire