What is the Greatest Version of the Grandest Vision that you have ever held for yourself in this lifetime?

This PlayShop is offered as a Day Retreat.  Why? Because it’s more than pasting great pictures on a poster board. What is the Vision, the Dreams and the Imagination that dances in your mind’s eye?

Join myself and an energetic group of women for an extraordinary experience that will leave you revitalized, reconnected and confident about your next best movement forward.
You must get Clear and Grounded in what it is that you desire to create in your life. By using your sensory inner wisdom you ignite your feelings and your feelings are the language of the soul. If you want to know the truth about something,  anything, Trust your feelings about it.
This is your Vibrational Match to that which you desire.  Increase your vibration in your body with these proven techniques and not only do you inspire a physically healthier you, but you now have created a space for clear and concise manifesting to consistently occur.
See your vision with a clarity like never before.  This is more than ‘simply creating a
Vision Board.’  This is an Intensive Coaching experience. The time is now so let’s PlayShop!
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