Transformational Expressions
Intensive 90 Day Discovery    

This program is also known as a ‘life makeover.’ This is for you if you are ready to take control of your life, step into your creative powerful expression, (it’s there waiting for the invite) and elevate your human potential by shining your inner light. You will feel alive and awake and dare to show up in the world in the way you desire. Learn through Advanced TCM how to reframe and create lasting behavior change. Rewrite your story and rewire your belief blueprint. This program will take you on a journey of personal transformation so that you can function at a higher level and live the life you came here to live.


  • Opening grounding meditation, breath-work, clearing
  • 12x  60 minute weekly Coaching Sessions
  • Finding Clarity on what your desired outcome is and what is holding you back, preventing you from moving forward
  • You will get clear on you Core Values
  • Determining your ‘Driving Force’ (aka Your Big MOFA)
  • Design a Vision for your future and trust that vision
  • TCM -Transformation Coaching Methods *** Advanced Techniques***
  • Guided Meditations for you to keep
  • Free Gift- 14 Day Gentle Detox
  • Weekly Focused Feeling Action Steps (Attainable and Sustainable)
  • Deep Dive into your Intentions and your long term inspirations (1-3-5 Mindset)
  • Using Advanced Visualization methods
  • Develop mindset skills to improve your wellbeing and accelerate your manifesting power
  • One on One support via phone or Zoom or in person
  • Unlimited email and text during the program
  • Resources to grow your business or for personal advancement