Transformational Expressions
Accelerated Discovery


Your personal expression is everything to you and to the world.  You will need clarity and focus.  Speaking your truth and knowing what that truth is when it shows up is trusting your intuition and connecting with that through your higher self.  Transformational Expressions will assist you in gaining your clarity and focus within your personal message.
The core of our work together is that place where money and love, passion and profit, ambition and ease, and yes, even health and spirituality intersect. When we explore what it truly means to dance at this intersection – fully engaged with our great work and fully engaged with our lives- we become aligned with our true selves. This is the Path of Mastery: aligning who you are with what you do and who you are becoming.


  • Opening grounding meditation, breathwork, clearing
  • 6x  60 minute weekly Coaching Sessions
  • Finding Clarity on what your desired outcome is and what is holding you back, preventing          you from moving forward
  • Determining your ‘Driving Force’ (aka Your Why)
  • Get clear on your Core values
  • Design a Vision for your future and trust that vision
  • TCM -Transformation Coaching Methods *** Advanced Techniques***
  • Guided Meditations for you to keep
  • Free Gift- 14 Day Gentle Detox
  • Weekly Focused feeling Action Steps (Attainable and Sustainable)
  • One on One support via phone or Zoom or in person
  • Unlimited email and text support during the program