Living a Pleasurable Life

16171905086_05bfef0558_oAsk yourself, “What am I feeling right now?”

Do you find that you derive intense pleasure from commonplace activities and simple indulgences?  A sensual mood, you know, when you feel bliss in a given moment and you are compelled  to seek out delights in the form of gourmet foods, soul-stirring music, beautiful artwork, maybe romance or simply find yourself in the stillness, being beautifully self absorbed.  As you treat your senses to a day of richness and diversity, you will likely discover that enjoying life is often a matter of making the most of simple luxuries. I am amazed at how just the thought of something I love to do or a memory that makes me smile and feel loved and supported, becomes instantly real.  Real in the form of true feelings. Think about it.  It’s snowy and cold outside and we tend to bring that inside with us, true?  I found myself embracing this simple memory and feeling high on life while reveling in the crispness of freshly brewed iced tea and taking in the scent of sweet grass warmed by the steamy summer sun.

This can be a wonderful time to examine the manner in which you have approached life up until this point. We are still in January and those “Intentions” that you set for new beginnings are still fresh. Consider, today,the best time to begin,  that you may be denying yourself a host of uncomplicated pleasures, completely free of charge if I might add; because you erroneously believe that they are incompatible with your busy lifestyle.

The work that I do on a daily basis is my passion, my calling, I believe. This work, however, is very demanding and fills a long day. As fulfilling as it is to me, I must rejuvenate my body and soul and find clarity of mind each and every day. I am a Spiritual Care Advisor for my patients and their families who are in my Hospice Care with Hospice Advantage. I am a midwife if you will, helping people birth their way to the other side. I help them move through the door and take the hands of those reaching out to guide them on this wonderful journey and adventure that awaits them.  My days are exhilarating and exhausting and ultimately, so gratifying all at the same time, as I am witness to this transition; this birthing process out of this world; as well as receiving the gift of seeing the families embrace the journey and release the fears that once existed within them.  It is an honor to be inside of this for them and move through it ever so gently with them as I embrace the trust that they have instilled in my Team and in myself to be this liaison for them.

I have found, however, that I must take, not find, but take the time to breathe, get still and feel my physical body and hear the song of my soul on a daily basis, often several times a day, if only for a few minutes.  This allows me to reconnect to my inner peace.  As a Transformation Coach, I encourage and coach this to my Team of amazing hospice caregivers as well.

Enjoying rather than shunning the sensual pleasures life can provide u, offers the assurance that our existence is a varied and rich one. The swift pace of the modern world often compels us to give up delight in order to embrace convenience, prompting us to question the value of life itself.

Visceral  pleasures that tantalize the senses and awaken the soul add value to your existence. In order to achieve balance, it is vital that you indulge in the healthy pursuit of pleasure—whether culinary, romantic, meditation, connecting to Mother Earth or anything that turns your crank—and do this as often as you deny yourself in the name of pragmatism. You’ll experience a diverse range of joys and discover that the world can be and truly is a  wonderful place. Your life will take on a new sumptuousness today when you indulge in sensual yet simple pleasures.

So find your Bliss and move towards that and doors will open for you that are meant for only you. Move towards that which “Feels” good!

Be well my friends and Namaste to you,


Let Me Fill Your Cup…

Knowing what is Best for you~

We possess all of the wisdom we need to make life-enriching choices in the various areas of our lives even when we feel quite unsure of ourselves. Yet in order to gain access to this individualized font of comprehension, we must be willing to trust that we instinctively know what is best for ourselves. Most people are taught to second guess themselves quite early on because they are constantly told that others know what is good, right and true. When we believe we are in need of outside guidance, however, the primary place we should turn is inward. While we may not be sure that we will encounter the knowledge that is needed, we may be surprised at how much insight can be found in the corridors of the soul. You will no doubt find the answers you seek today when you bow to your impulse to search within yourself first.  So fill your cup with what you trust most, your higher self, your inner awareness, the truth of who you are.   Remember the power of trusting what shows up for you each moment and remember life is happening through you, not to you.  This incredible universe that we are one with is always for us and holds the most delightful outcomes.  Please click the eBook tab on the front page of this blog and read my eBook  “Trusting Life…All Of It”.  Enjoy your week as you view it through “rose colored glasses” and see how your cup will runneth over. 



Becoming the person you’re meant to be; is exactly what you’re doing

2014-12-27 16.48.03

What you’ve learned, where you are right now and what you’re evolving towards, one transformation at a time…

In order to become the person you’re meant to be, living the amazing life you’re meant to live, sometimes you have to go through hard times. Sometimes you have to be broken down so that you can learn, grow, release and re-calibrate your direction. When times are tough, remind yourself that what is happening to you is happening for a reason.  That is not just an old cliché.  Our greatest periods of growth it seems, come from some of our most challenging and painful experiences.

When we come out on the other side of the experience,  we are able to look at the next events in our lives with new perceptions and ask more introspective questions that will move us in perhaps a different direction, had we not had the previous life experience.

The life events of 2014 have been joyful, challenging, fulfilling, inspiring and painful as well.  One thing I have learned through the many past years, from a very soulful place within myself, is that nothing in this world of experiences is happening to me, nothing.  I believe and I know at the core of who I am, that everything I experience is happening through me and I get to choose what that looks and feels like. I am the director of my own story and therefore, I get to create it. All of it.  Even the stuff that I stumbled over.

So as I create my ‘new relationship’ with 2015, it excites me to know that whatever shows up in my space of life, will unfold in beautiful ways as I allow it to move through me over and over again.

I am inviting you to adjust your thinking about the New Year as this vast span of time, 365 days of space,  in which you will fill up with events, conversations and challenges and really see it as a relationship that you bring value to as you would a close friend. See yourself supporting each other in that space of time that you are filling up together and take notice, does this year brings you shifts in your life that show up naturally and effortlessly as you manifest with ease?

Be well, Be excited, Be grateful to Be yourself.  Do that which moves you toward your truth; you will feel it and you will know what that is.  Go now and Have it all for its already there waiting for you to show up and shape shift yourself. Wow…this is exciting stuff!





Grief and the Holidays

2013-03-16 22.35.59As much joy and celebration that is meant to come from this holiday season; it can be painful for those who are grieving the loss of a loved one. I am a Spiritual Care Advisor and Grief Support Specialist for Hospice Advantage. I work with patients and their families, supporting them through the end of life process and the bereavement process of the months that will follow. I feel honored to serve in this way and find a genuine fulfilment in this, my life’s work.

However confident I may find myself to be inside of my skill set, I too have had to take a time out and breathe through my own grieving process. I have found writing and journaling very healing and encourage others as well to put their thoughts and words down on paper. When my mother was in her end of life journey last year, I wrote a book which I then published and shared with my family and friends. The journey through engaging myself in the memories, the tears and the joy of my account of my own childhood and my life beyond, was an amazing opportunity to heal and grow from within.

That book,  The Giving Space is available by clicking the Published button on the home page

I was asked to write an article on grief during the holidays for the Hospice Advantage website.  The experience of writing flowed with ease as I felt moved to share some of ways in which I encourage others to embrace grief so that they can met the pain and move past it. I shared ceremony as well as  personal and simple rituals that I myself used to get through my own journey with grief. The path was winding at times.

After the article, I participated in an interview on KFAI with Kinshasha Kambui called Grief and the Holidays.  Please click on the Interview button on the home page to listen.

Find your peace through a multitude of healing modalities.  Catch you breath and be gentle with yourself. Grief is not an event, it’s a journey, yours.  Be well my friends and know that you are never alone.

In love and light,


Spa Day with Friends


Today I spent the entire day with an amazing group of women and the best part is they are all my friends.  We got together at 10:30 this morning to have a nurturing spa day together.  What a grand idea. We all brought something with us that spoke to how we spend time taking care of ourselves and shared it with the group of twelve.  There were lotions and potions and angel cards to indulge in.  There was hand waxing and body energizing magnets.  We opened by creating a divine feminine circle and held an intention for healing that would extend out much farther than the room that we were in.  We chose a Goddess card that asked us to share something or complete a thought and speak to what we brought with us to share.

It’s a very distinct energy that unveils its self when you gather in like mindedness with women who really enjoy the company of one another and speak with authenticity.

We gave foot massages with reflexology, painted our nails and toes and took a detoxifying foot soak, an amazing eye opening experience.  We had wonderfully prepared food with delicious conversations that stirred the soul and awakened our senses.  But most of all we laughed and shared our hearts, our love and our compassion for one another.  It was sunny and cold outside but warm and ever so bright in this gentle loving home.

We closed the day with a group hug and a prayer of gratitude for our time together and for the lighted way we had made with our co created intention for mother earth and all of her children.

And so it is….

Gratitude…how is your position on this subject?

5 Easy Ways to Create an Attitude of Gratitude

 Gratitude is possibly the most powerful way to change your life. The power of gratitude is this; the more things you are grateful for the more things you will experience to be grateful for. This is the law of attraction at work, and is superbly expressed in gratitude.

Even if you are the most ungrateful person, gratitude can become a new way of life. Here’s 5 ways to begin to create an attitude of gratitude.

1. Choose. Gratitude is a choice. The first thing to do is choose that you will be grateful, and decide to notice around you those things to be grateful for. Got it!

2. Breathing. When stuck in a rough spot take a minute, close your eyes and breathe. On your inhale breathe in the words “I choose”. On your exhale breathe out a word like Peace, Calm, Gratitude, Love, Serenity; whichever feels best for you. Like all things in life, this works best when if feels good to you. Feelings are the root to all movement.

3. Play. Kids love “I Spy”. It’s a gratitude game when you put a twist on it. When you are “spying” be looking for things to be grateful for. When you find something call out “I spy with my grateful eye. . .” whatever it is that you see and feel grateful for. This is a great game to play with kids to instill an attitude of gratitude early in life. Remember the Rose Colored Glasses concept…

4. Journal. Start a gratitude journal. Each night before you go to sleep take some time, it doesn’t have to be long, to write down 5 things you were grateful for today, and 5 things that you are grateful for about yourself. Do this for 30 days and you will be amazed. When the 30 days is up…just keep going..I challenge you!

5. Rampage. This doesn’t sound like gratitude, but I’m talking about a “Rampage of Appreciation” This comes from Abraham-Hicks, and works amazingly well. When you get into a funk or a bad mood start appreciating everything. Start with the air you have to breathe, and then really quickly just notice everything around you and be grateful for it. I especially enjoy doing this in the car or on my bus ride into the big city. It’s grounding and calming and I am ready to meet and greet my day, no matter what comes to me it just moves through me.

An attitude of Gratitude is a powerful way to change your life. When you start focusing on all there is to be grateful for you will begin to notice there are more things to be grateful for, and as you notice more things to be grateful for, more things . . . yes, they just keep coming your way. 

I have an exercise I do with my clients. Write down 100 wishes and desires that you hold for yourself, no matter how significant or otherwise.  Once you are done gathering them, condense them down to the 25-30 of the most important ones to you.  I now have you create a wheel, circle of sorts with 12 pieces to the circle of which there are 4 quadrants that the 12 span from.  The four major parts are Mind, Body, Relationships and Environment.

You then have the opportunity to place your wishes and desires in the quadrant they gravitate towards and some aha moments appear. You begin to see what you truly value and what makes you tick. You get the picture?  I thought you would.

I would truly enjoy helping you find your way to what you truly desire in this lifetime. What is it for you? What may be holding you back could be a blessing in disguise?  When you get clear, everything changes, everything gets better and everything expands.

Get Gratitude! Get Moving! There Really Is More!


Just how amazing would life be if….”Death Was Your Advisor?”

I am engaged with the “act of dying” on a daily basis.  This has truly changed my life for evermore.  My service is to those who are existing in the ‘End of Life Process’, the last event of their living experience here on earth….I work in Hospice, with patients and their families, educating on the dying process with the intention of shifting their consciousness about the fears associated with this most natural event of this human experience, death.

I recently was asked to give a talk on death, dying and the afterlife at Unity of the Valley Spiritual Center.  My own personal experience with near death and the afterlife as well as my work with Hospice Advantage, has made this topic of discovery a most natural discussion for me.  Please listen to the audio version of this talk.  I would invite you to first settle in and embrace yourself with the meditation before listening to the message.  This is a grounding meditation preparing you for the ‘enlightening‘ prospect of engaging death, physical and metaphysical death, into your daily being as an advisor.  I can imagine that this is not something that you have intentionally involved yourself with ever.

However, here is a new perspective that will change your life, your living and your dying as you know it today. I implement this transformational strategy in my coaching practice as well.  Really, this is very powerful stuff. 

I invite your thoughts and comments regarding this fascinating topic as well as your feelings and questions as they relate to Hospice care and compassion.  Be well, Be inspired and Be open to all that is, everything and nothing.

The love, light and transformation in me, meets, greets and honors the love, light and the transformation in you.





The Adventurous Option



When we are courageous enough to innovate in our day to day lives, we discover that there are so many avenues open to us that we might otherwise have missed. It can seem sometimes that our options are quite limited, but this is because our closed perspective does not allow us to see the many choices before us. Opening our eyes to the possibilities can mean cultivating heretofore unknown levels of boldness within ourselves. But the reward we receive for our efforts will prove worth the struggle, as the limitations that once held us back no longer have any power to interfere with our progress. While every avenue we explore will not prove beneficial to us, many will help speed our progress along measurably. As I step away from my usual routines today, I did discover new worlds of opportunity. Today I created a space for healing by writing the story of my mother’s transition to next place, and healing it was. Not only was it powerful in this aspect but it gave me greater insight into my own movement through this grief process and some clarity I had been looking for. Playing with this blog has offered a chance to express my creativity and move into the direction of my own desires and dreams. When we share with others that which inspires us be more in this life, I believe we find true movement. Today was a day filled with healing movement, discovery and joy.  I thank you all for joining me in my spiritual high today!


Being the Observer in Life’s Journey

Yesterday my oldest son Justin and his beautiful wife Brook set out on an adventure, a milestone in this lifetime for them and their four children.  Making life just a bit simpler was part of the plan as they loaded up all the necessary belongings they could into their big conversion van.  This story would take them to Tucson where two of my young grandsons, Justin’s boys live with their mother. It had been on their minds for quite some time to go there to be close to the boys and to offer them an opportunity to be with their siblings.  From our conversations, it was also an opportunity for both Brook and Justin to move in the direction of their own personal paths of growth and inspiration.

I had two months to prepare for this life adjustment and moved through a plethora of emotions both joyful and melancholy, but never sadness as I could sense their excitement traveling through my own body and knew that all was happening exactly as it should.  In fact, one month before their departure, it was decided that they would come and stay in my home with me and Tony.  Our home of two became eight and the truth is, it was a delight.  Each day that I came home from work, I was greeted by my enthusiastic family.  My three granddaughters would welcome me with their smiles and cheers that I was finally home for them.  This time that we had together was precious and irreplaceable as it wrapped its tiny little arms around me in preparation for the day that they would drive off to the west.

As a parent, I have found that there comes a very acute time when you must and will become the “observer” of your children so as to gently detach yourself from the emotion of the lessons and the movement that they choose to make in their own existence.  The day I discovered the Art of Detachment in my own mothering of three boys, was a day of true freedom and joy.  To be able to watch what was developing, embrace it without worry, and give way to new beginnings is a gift from within.

I am so proud of them as I watch them pack up their babes, strap them in the van, amongst what now will become a simpler life with” much less stuff” and drive to their new destination but not before we share many hugs, a few tears, some words of wisdom and an internal knowing that all is exactly as it should be, one creation after another.

So too as the dragonfly has a meaning at a very soulful level for my family and I, we continue to be mindfully aware that we too are transforming moment by moment and open to the gifts of awareness that this brings into our circle of love.

And so it is….



Of Diligence, Dreams and Your Vision

Today I met with my Transformation Coach for an intense three hour session of conscientiousness building. What the heck is that you ask? Well, it’s what we are all trying to achieve, know it or not.  Asking ourselves the authentic questions and then truly listening at much deeper level.  Do you like what you hear? Can you find a place of appreciation for what you know and what you find to be true?  Can you BE with yourself in the empty moments and like what you hear? I must say, Yes….and so I continue to stretch myself just little bit farther simply to find out that there is always more to be experienced, more to embrace and more to be grateful for.

My goals were in the forefront of my mind today, and I found myself inspired to dive into personal and professional projects with great zeal. A renewed determination seemed to carry me as I allowed myself to open up and release more than I had expected. I love when these awe ha moments occur, offering me time to reaffirm my belief and commitment to hard work and the responsibility to hold true to my focus of the dream and vision I hold for myself and for others. If you find your resolution flagging you today, simply remind yourself of who you really are and create your true expression and just run with it.  I thank you Dwight, for your truth and the passion that you bring to “going within.”  You set the bar considerably higher for me today and for this I say, “Yes, Yes, Yes.”

The more diligently we apply ourselves to those tasks related to our long-term goals, the more likely it is that we will be able to prevail over adversity in order to achieve those dreams we have nurtured in our souls. Many people inadvertently deprive themselves of the opportunity to achieve their dreams because they allow their unconscious fears to prevent them from fully immersing themselves in the activities necessary to be in success. We talked at a deep level today about the illusion and the lie that these fears present to us on a hourly basis, discouraging us from expressing ourselves in way that we long and desire to express as.  I encourage you all to reacquaint yourselves with your own “Soul Agreements” and be the observer of your deep personal conversations.

We can avoid falling into this fate by regularly reminding ourselves that even though the prospect of failure is ever present, we can diminish the chances it will play a part in our lives by devotedly applying ourselves to those desires that are related to the ambitions we hope to achieve. I see failure as an opportunity to succeed at a later time. Hear me when I say, Trust your Vision and continue to put yourself back on your track and just move forward. So put feet to your dreams and desires and SEE magic take hold of your dreams and desires….

The Vision Lady