“Debbie’s coaching skills are amazing! My business income has double as she has guided me through that process and my relationship to money. I am now able to handle life’s hurdles without anxiety and depression fully taking over.  I have been listening to the meditations that Debbie has given me, and I feel my awareness. Through the meditations and visualization techniques she uses, I not only see and hear with more clarity, my life’s purpose has shown its face.
The knowledge I have given myself through this Transformation Program, has been worth every penny of the investment I have made in myself. It has changed my life forever. Debbie has so many powerful techniques and they really work!”
The change is PRICELESS. I’m showing up every day as the best version of Lynette Wilson!

Lynette Wilson
Tranquilty Massage Skin Care

“I feel beyond blessed to be a part of Debbie Mechley’s Transformational Coaching Program.  I have never been one to meditate, but I do now, and I so look forward to that time each day. It has brought me comfort, insight, reflection and quiet moments to ground myself. I have experienced my own growth and transformation
I now have new and exciting ways to connect with others; have grown my businesses exponentially and I have become the best version of me every day.  Debbie truly is an amazing coach. She supported me and held me accountable, constantly moving me toward my desired outcome. This Transformation Program really works!  I encourage anyone who desires lasting and permanent behavior change to jump into this coaching method.”

Autumn Long McGie
doTerra Essential Oil Specialist

I am in awe as to what has unfolded in my life as a result of coaching with Debbie Mechley. I continue to experience profound changes in my relationship with myself which has expanded potential in my life personally, spiritually and professionally. Debbie is a master at empowering her clients to create permanent change and bring their dreams into their reality!
After the loss of my son, I’ve lived with 14 years of PTSD flashbacks. Deb’s coaching has had an amazing impact and I am now able to sleep, close my eyes for long meditation and find peace again. I have learned to honor myself, my purpose and let go of inauthentic relationships. She taught me that changing one little thing results in big and impactful ongoing changes. Learning to show up for myself in a heightened way has made room for likeminded people to show up and bless my life.
Whatever it is that you want to change in your life, no matter how big or small, DebbieMethley’s Trust Your VisionCoachingis the way to create lasting changes in your life!
Thank you

Heidi Simon
Social Work MSW

Coaching with Debbie has been a powerful experience. It is not often that you can sit down and get completely present with yourself and have someone be there to LISTEN to everything you are thinking and feeling. In addition to listening, Debbie helped to equip me with the tools I needed to deal with any challenges I encountered on my journey. Debbie helped me with the goals of a healthier lifestyle and becoming a Spiritual leader, on several levels, which was one of my goals. It was because of her guidance and support that I was able to take each brave new step forward. I will continue to use what I have learned from my coaching experience for years to come. I have quite the toolbox now!
Thank you Debbie!

Wanda Horner-Carlson

It has been a great pleasure working with you, Debbie over the past year.Working with you has not only met but exceeded all my expectations with this coaching experience. Not to mention making a great new friend! Your support, compassion, and assertive nudges is what I believed helped me to build the confidence in moving forward with my aspirations in achieving my dreams and the passion I shared for starting my own business. You created a space which has allowed me to share my light in this world in new healthy ways. Your communication skills are excellent, and you are such a compassionate listener. You helped me find the tools that worked best for me so that I could be successful in my profession and in my life. The dream of having my own coaching practice and sharing my gifts and talents with the world has come into my reality! What a blessing and gift!
With Love and Gratitude

Alicia McHugh
Certified Health Coach
Your Whole Health Connection

“Trust Your Vision Coaching” is the perfect name for Deb Mechley’s Coaching practice! She not only helped me name and claim the highest vision for my life, she also gave me tools to identify and release old patterns of resistance that enabled me to avoid stepping into my life with Passion and Purpose! She is someone who I respect and admire,and she recognizes my gifts and worthiness. That is a huge boost to my self-confidence, and for that, I am forever grateful! My Art Studio is alive again with energy and creativity! That is priceless!
I highly recommend this coaching experience as an invaluable gift to give yourself!

Kate McEvoy
Artist and Intuitive

A congregant was in hospice care. Her time of transition was very near; her husband was struggling. Their friends in the congregation were grappling with how to be there for them in loving ways that would be uplifting but not intrusive. That’s when it became abundantly clear that our cultural fear of death and dying leaves most of us ill-prepared to deal with the process in healthy, appropriate ways. Deb Mechleyresponded to our call for help with compassion, insight and relevant education. She offered a five-weekcourse to address the topic, exploring everything from what’s going on for our loved one to the spiritual implications to sage advice from seasoned hospice professionals. Debbie also engaged us in experiential processes geared to enhance our own understanding.
It proved to be one of the best attended series we have ever hosted! People were eager to learn more about the subject. With a huge segment of our population aging into the proverbial Golden Years and beyond, a deeper awareness of the process of dying and an understanding of how to be present to death and dying in appropriate ways is not only a great gift, it’s essential. It removes the mystery of the process and enables meaningful participation in our loved ones’ final days. It also empowers each of us to consider and plan for how we would like to conclude our own days on this earth. For as Deb pointed out, facing the prospect of death empowers us to live life more fully!
WE are so looking forward to your book Regret Free Living!

Rev. Laurie Brandt
952-894-9109 (text preferred)
Unity of the Valley Spiritual Center
4011 West Hwy 13, Savage, MN 55378

Deb is someone I can truly be myself with. She listens intently and I feel comfortable and safe telling her what is going on as I progress. Her tools and techniques have been very helpful in creating breakthroughs, bringing insightful ideas for my future endeavors. She has a gentle way of supporting me in facing my weaknesses, as well as giving suggestions in how I can overcome them. Deb has a wonderful gift and I highly recommend her coaching.
– Josie Y. Milan, Nature Based Therapies

I feel beyond blessed to be a part of Debbie Mechley’s Transformational Coaching Program. I have never been one to meditate, but I do now and I so look forward to that time each day. It has brought me comfort, insight, reflection and quite moments to ground myself. Debbie has taught me how to reframe my thinking patterns of programming and guided me to release emotions, thoughts and past situations. I am now willing to address them, give myself permission to express whatever emotions arise and to work through them and grow from them. In the first 7 short weeks, I started to again do things that I love (play the piano, listen to relaxation music), enjoy each season and find the “joy” in everyday life and I have felt and seen myself grown in ways I never truly believed possible.

Throughout all of these changes, I have implemented new and exciting ways to connect with others; grown my businesses and become the best version of me every day. Debbie is an amazing coach. She supported me and held me accountable, constantly moving me toward my goals. This Transformation Program really works! I encourage anyone who desires lasting and permanent behavior change to jump in to this Transformation Program!!!
– Autumn Long McGie, The Amateur Farm Girl

Deb has been instrumental in helping me move my desires into fruition in both my personal and professional life. Her kind and caring heart has allowed me a safe place to be authentic, share, create, and be held accountable. I found her own life experiences that were mingled into my coaching sessions, but never took center stage, to be extremely helpful. I am grateful and delighted to work with such a tremendous individual who truly cares about my success. I have taken my business to the next levels and manifesting is becoming effortless.
– Kelly Thompson, Art of Living

Deb’s authentically focused intentional thoughts helped rocket me to the Moon with Gratitude, Awareness and Service. Deb’s coaching skills are advanced and powerful. If you want to ‘Transform your life, enroll yourself in her Transformation Programs. She catapulted me to the next best step. My next major project and the book are off and soaring…
– Patrick Milan aka The G.A.S. Man, Author and Speaker

I have been coaching with Debbie for just 6 sessions and I’ve already gained more self-awareness and confidence. It’s amazing! My business income has double as she has guided me through that process, having me visualize and really feeling my desires. In my love life, I’ve gotten engaged and he too has shifted and changed in the most subtle and positive ways. I have found that I do have this part of me Debbie refers to as my” Critter Brain” and when I acknowledge her, (my critter brain) as I have actually given her a name, she calms down and I don’t feel that part of me holding myself back from what I really want.

Now I am able to handle life’s hurdles without anxiety and depression fully taking over. I have been listening to the meditations that Debbie has given me and I feel my awareness becoming more acute. Through mediation I not only see and hear with more clarity, my dreams are quite powerful. I have also connected with several of my guides, way cool!

The knowledge I have given myself through this Transformation Program, has been worth the investment in myself. It’s changed my life forever. I couldn’t be more grateful. I have also been able to clearly see the past is just a memory with a purpose; it doesn’t control my future. Debbie has so many powerful techniques and they all work. Her coaching skills are amazing!

I couldn’t have made these huge changes in such a short time without a coach. She held me accountable all along the way. She always inspires me. She held my vision when I felt challenged to do so for myself.

I would highly recommend Debbie’s Transformation Programs to anyone. The change so far is PRICELESS. I’m showing up every day as the best version of Lynette Wilson….
–  Lynette Wilson, Tranquilitymassageskincare.com

Deb led us in a visioning process that brought clarity to our somewhat confused perception, to a new understanding of what our vision really was. Throughout that surprise, she kept us focused and at the same time, she kept us open to new ideas! She moved us, together, step by step, giving us ideas and guidelines to work with but also allowing our creativity to flow. What a positive difference she made in our spiritual center with her contagious joy, her expert guidance, and her continuous inspiration. We are grateful and blessed.
– Audrey Peterson, Minister, Unity of the Valley Spiritual Center, Savage, MN

I have had the honor of knowing Debbie Mechley for about eight years. I asked Deb to co-facilitate a prosperity class with me because she brings a belief in possibilities like no one I have ever known. Deb is very special in that she is consistently an expression of joy, love, and personal and spiritual growth. When you hear Deb speak, just know that what she says is profound and life changing. She walks her talk.
-Reverend Kate Peppler

Over the years I have partnered and collaborated on Business / Consulting Projects with several individuals with marginal levels of success. After working with Debra Mechley for the first time more than ten years ago, she has been the one consistent and steady resource for Superior Project Collaboration and Partnership.

Deb’s capacity for ‘Touching the Heart’ and reaching audiences (large or small) inspiring them where they live is Amazing. We have successfully collaborated on Business, Communication, Marketing, Organizational and Team Development Projects including Visioning, Inspiration and Universally Uplifting ‘Play-Shops’. She has also personally coached me in my pursuits and I have found great success! I look forward to our next opportunity to work together.
– Charles A. Ellis, President, Ellis Enterprises Consulting, St. Paul, Minnesota

At a perfect time in my life, I took a class from Deb based on a book titled The Path: Creating Your Mission Statement for Work and for Life. With Deb’s gifted facilitation, the class helped me clarify my direction and take the next step in manifesting my mission. Deb speaks and teaches from the heart, and her caring support is inspirational in itself. She’s a Vision and Mission Diva par excellence!
– Peggy Henrikson, Energy Therapy Practitioner, EFT-CC, EFT-ADV, Bloomington, MN

Deb and I worked together in 2007. Deb encouraged and Inspired me to be more of the true me. I set goals and through her holding me accountable, I reached them with excitement. Deb helped me to begin a journey of breaking through my fears and directed me toward beliefs that brought value to my life and my purpose. If it was not for Deb’s help I would not be on the journey I am today.

She gave me assignments to focus on weekly. I began working on them stretching my imagination farther than I realized possible. One of the suggestions that came out of our work together was making some adjustments from a Feng Shui vantage point in my home. Wow.. the energy shifted and my space for career enhancement shifted it course as well. There was an all around healthy feeling in our home. I still go to Deb for guidance and support as I move through the new flow of life I have been introduced to.

Deb has a WONDERFUL giving heart and can help those who need a nudge in the right direction. She has been a gift in my life from day one. She is an amazing coach.

Thank you Deb for all that you have blessed me with.
– Erin, Minnesota Valley Humane Society

Debbie Mechley is a source of love and light. She brightens up a room with her radiance because she sees the beauty and goodness in herself and others. Deb’s consciousness continues to grow and unfold as she blossoms in the magnificent splendor of who she is. She is a Light Worker and a Visionary. She is able to see the unlimited potential of people and situations. Through her work, I have personally witnessed transformation within myself and others. These are some of the reasons I have asked her to be My Spiritual Mentor.

I have observed Deb in different capacities such as addressing our spiritual community, facilitating visioning workshops, creating sacred space, performing hands on healing, and leading mediations. She is gifted with an energy of confidence and love as she creates an environment of safety and openness.
– Respectfully submitted by Donna Roost

When you hear Debbie speak you are drawn in to her field of energy. As you feel the passion she exuberates, you become open to your own potential of accomplishment. Her passion of visioning is unique in that she takes your wish imprint to the highest energy level of your being and transfers your vision into reality.
– Bernadine Hughes, L.U.T. Spiritual Leader

Debbie is an absolute joy to work with. We worked together for nearly a year, conducting a major visioning project for a spiritual center in Minnesota. This project required powerful leadership to motivate, inspire and bring forth creativity from the spiritual community. Deb was that leader. With incredible organization and communication skills she was able to obtain a high degree of participation. She empowered people with skills and talents to move into project tasks with joy and freedom of expression. And with her passion and enthusiasm, many followed her to become leaders themselves in the implementation of the vision. Deb’s commitment to this project was unwavering, as is her desire for all to expand in consciousness and spirituality in all her pursuits. She is a spectacular coach!
– Rev. Sher McNeal, Ordained Religious Science Minister, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Thank you for bringing your unique gifts and talents to the support and service of so many that have been blessed to participate in your playshops. Many excellent coaches listen at an empathic level, I must say however, there is an intimacy surrounding the degree to which you internalize the individual challenges of your clients and partner with them to achieve breakthrough…extraordinary and well done!
– Kindest Regards,LaRohn Latimer, Director of Rep. Relations JMG Net-Worth, Corp.