Debbie Mechley is a Master Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Holistic MBA Grad from Health Coach Institute and is the Founder of Trust Your Vision Coaching Programs. Debbie specializes in the Mastery of Behavior Change related to all area of coaching. She is a motivational speaker, facilitator and Luminary Leader with Venerable Women, a Circle Keeper of women and has most recently served as the the Spiritual Care Advisor for Minnesota Hospice; supporting patients, families and educating on the End of Life Journey. Debbie is also a Certified Advanced Care Planning Facilitator with Honoring Choices.

This Coach is the author of Trusting Life – All of It as well as several e-books and
The Giving Space. Other publications include meditations, podcasts and interviews that inspire the spirit and stir the soul.

She is a visionary from the heart and is affectionately called “The Vision Lady” by her friends and peers. She works with individuals and groups, profits and non profits creating movement wherever she sets foot.

As a Visioning Coach, she moves people to a place of self trust and clarity, to see their true vision, ground it and implement that vision with focused action so that transformation occurs. Debbie also created Woman Extraordinaire, Soulful Vision Coaching for Women and Finding Your Palace of Power.

She is a Reiki Master and a Space Healing Consultant. She is an End of Life Coach for those leaving this world and for those staying behind.

Debbie is known for her ability to bring excitement and enthusiasm to the journey as she guides you to the mountain top of your desires through here proven TCM- Transformational Coaching Method and techniques.

She is involved in evolutionary planetary peace and plays a role in the shift of consciousness towards that peace and believes that this begins with all of us…

When she is not moving and shaking people up, she enjoys her family and friends and finds her pillow to land in through them. Long walks in nature, gardening, cooking and writing more books are always within view.



My Journey

Walking with my Mother through Cancer, I found Joy…

I couldn’t believe the words that were ringing in my ears as the doctor told us in the presence of our mother that she had twelve to eighteen months to live.
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